Dog & Cat ID Privacy and Terms of Service

Updated: 11/5/10. Subject to change anytime. Legalspeak coming soon.

Dog and Cat ID is a free service. We are providing Dog and Cat ID service "as is" and do not make any guarantees of its service or products effectiveness or use.

Using the service and resultant product ( paper ID card ) should not replace 'common sense' in terms of the safety or handling of the animals involved.

The Dog and Cat ID product (ID Card) is only intended as a form of 'off animal' basic identification for the identification of your pet. It is not intended to replace any current method of identification or safety item such as an 'on animal' ID tag, microchip, reflector, leash, etc. Any other use ( beyond basic identification ) is against the intent of the product.

Dog and Cat ID does not store any personal information used to create the identification cards. All images uploaded for purposes of creating the ID cards are deleted after 15 minutes from the server.

Dog and Cat ID is not responsible for the actions, content, information, or data of third parties, links and/or advertisers that are on this site.

By using this site and product you agree to free Dog and Cat ID of any potential damages that might result of using this product or visiting any of the third party advertisers or sponsors which are on the site.

Prevent pet overpopulation - please spay or neuter your pet. Never buy any pet from a puppy mill, breeder, or pet store. Adopt from your local shelter or animal rescue!